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Unzipping, Renaming, and Uploading

1. Unzipping :

Normally you will want to use Winzip, or compatible software such as WinACE or WinRAR to uncompress this package. You will be better off by right clicking on the zip file and choose "unzip to folder .... " depending on the software you choose. Here is an example using WinACE 2.03. See figure 1->

2. Renaming :

    After successfully unzipping this package, you will find a folder created with all the files inside. Make sure you rename this folder with an easier to remember name, such as "forum", "BBS", etc. In this example, I will use "forum". After renaming, double click on the folder and you will see a list of sub folders and files. See figure 2 -> Locate the subfolder named "db". Look for "readme.txt" in the "db" folder and follow the instruction. Basically it will tell you to rename one of the Access databases' name, and you can delete the rest of the two database files after that. DO refer to the very short "readme.txt" file. Also in the "forum" folder, locate the file "global.asa". This is the file where cache and connection string is created. Find in line 18 and 19, where connection string is created. See figure 2a-> . In this quick start quide, we will want to keep these two lines as they are now for automatic setup. In the future, if you want to change them according to your need, you may do so. Remember, this is the only place to change connection string. Below these two lines (line 23) are the connection string template for SQL server, which is commented out at this moment. In the future, if you want to use SQL server as your database, you may do so by inserting the necessary parameters in this line.

3. Uploading :

    Upload the entire "forum" folder onto a server via FTP or FrontPage if you want to use it on a web server other than your own machine on the internet (if it is your own test machine, just copy the entire "forum" folder into your web server's root folder). It will take a while since upload does take time. I would strongly suggest you to delete the other two database files in the "db" subfolder in order to save time. See figure 3 -> (using FTP voyager as an example. The upper pane is the remote web server on, and the lower pane is on my hard drive). See figure 3a -> for a view in Internet Service Manager about how it would look if you copy the "forum" folder into your own machine's web site root directory.

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