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1. Hardware Requirement:

    • Intel or compatible PC
    • Internet Access (dial-up / cable / ADSL / etc.)
    • At least 200MHZ CPU, 64 MB RAM, 3MB hard drive space (haha, those are what my server have ^ ^)
    • Keyboard, mouse, or whatever other input devices you have to at least configure this forum

2. Software Requirement :

    • Microsoft Windows 2000 all versions
    • IIS 5.0 installed (comes with Windows 2000)
    • MDAC driver installed (for ADO, comes with Windows 2000; automatically installed when you install Windows 2000)
    • Enable "Application" for the root folder of your ASPPlayground Forum via either IIS or FrontPage
    • A browser (W3C standard compliant preferred, e.g. IE5+, NS6+, etc.)
    • SQL server 2000 (optional; only if you want to run this forum on SQL database)
    • Microsoft FrontPage software and / or FrontPage extension (optional; only if you want to customize my code remotely)
    • Microsoft Access 97 / 2000 / 2002 (optional; only if you want to configure the database files I provided)
    • WinZIP to unzip this forum package
    • FTP client to upload the forum files (I used FTP Voyager, other popular ones are CuteFTP, Bulletproof FTP, WSFTP, etc.)
    • W3C JMail component (optional; only if you want to use E-mail functions)
    • ASP Simple Upload component (optional; only if you want to use attachment functions)

*NOTE* Why is my site and not ? This is because I made a mistake choosing a BAD web hosting service at It is cheap, and their service is cheap too. This initial decision I made (so unfortunate) makes my ASP experience no "FUN" at all (I don't want to go into detail about how cheap Readyhosting is). Don't you tell me they are hard working or what. Also Interland is cheap too. One of their servers put your ASP code at risk (I wish I am the only one on that server). This one I will go into a bit detail. One bug found last year in IIS was about a malformed HTTP request, which reveals entire ASP scripts in the site if the server is not patched with service pack 1. I produced a Perl script and reproduced this notorious bug several times on my server at Interland before and after I told Interland's technical department. They just couldn't care less. So, why would you care for choosing them as your hosting company? Thus, here comes system requirement three :

3. Web hosting choice :

    • Choose a good and reliable hosting company !! All the above system requirement is NOTHING if you decide to use this forum on the web with a nice hosting company !! See ASP Resource Index for a complete list.
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