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Dear Visitor,

Thank you for choosing/evaluating ASPPlayground.NET Forum. ASPPlayground is not a company, and as the name "playground" suggests, it is a new website dedicated for creating "fun" with ASP scripting, and we (me and my girlfriend) hope with the effort we put into our ASP applications, you (newbie ASP programmers/HTML designers) will have fun while trying to learn/improve your ASP skills. Well, I am not saying I am a ASP master or something since I am still learning (I consider myself a student rather), but what I am trying to do is to provide my experience with ASP to help you shorten the time and get over the steep learning curve as quickly as possible (I once struggled with VB, SQL and JavaScript).

This web site is currently based on ASPPlayground Forum, as this is the first complete general ASP application I created. Other than this, I have some other smaller ASP applications such as online calendar, picture management application, and guest book, and all of these were created specifically for a student organization at the University of Toronto. Once I refine all of those to suit more general uses, I will put them up for download.

This section is for quick installation of ASPPlayground Forum, and I will walk through with you each step to get this application up and running. If you don't have previous experience with installing a pre-made ASP application, before you jump into upload and test, I urge you to read this quick start guide to avoid frustration.

Enough said, let's get started. Go on to page 1>>


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